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dust Of Love and Desire
A rich collection of love poems, written over a lifetime, and capturing its many forms - from rapture, infatuation, urgency, to sorrow, heartache and disillusion.
dust The Dust That Falls From Dreams
An epic story of love and war, and of England in the first half of the twentieth century.
  Imagining Alexandria: Poems in Memory of Constantinos Cavafis
Poetry was Louis de Bernières' first literary love and Imagining Alexandria is his debut poetry collection. Here the author of the much-loved Captain Corelli's Mandolin returns us to the vivid Mediterranean landscape of his fiction. Beautifully illustrated with line drawings by Donald Sammut, this is a collection rich in sensuality, nostalgia, and music.
Notwithstanding Notwithstanding: Stories from an English village
A lovely collection of stories inspired by life in the English village in which the author grew up.
  partisan A Partisan's Daughter
Set partly in 1970s London and partly in wartime Yugoslavia, A Partisan's Daughter is the intriguing story of Roza and of her relationship with Chris, a middle-aged Englishman whose interest in her turns in to obsessive love.
Birds without Wings
“Although his account of Gallipoli is inspired – rarely has the ugly face of war been so lovingly described – his heart belongs to the smaller canvas, and his portrayal of sleepy, multi-ethnic village life before, during and after the First World War is a magnificent achievement.” 
The Times
  Captain Corelli's Mandolin
"Captain Corelli's Mandolin is an emotional, funny, stunning novel which swings with wide smoothness between joy and bleakness, personal lives and history..."                                
The Observer
Nether Parts The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts
‘A fat, juicy tropical fruit of a narrative … There is astonishing landscape. There are numerous good jokes.  And, indispensably in such a novel, there is magic'
Independent on Sunday
  Senor Vivo and the Coca Lord
‘Sharp, funny, engaging and British … de Bernières is doing for Colombia’s drug culture what Tom Sharpe did for apartheid.  His approach is flippant, but the purpose behind it is deadly serious.’
Financial Times
Guzman The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman
‘An extraordinary feat of imagination … a sensuous, often farcical and ultimately optimistic argument for spiritual sanity’
Time Out
  Red Dog
The story of a dog - a real one - who lived and travelled in Western Australia and whose bronze statue stands in Karratha.

Sunday morning Sunday Morning at the Centre of the World
A play for radio about life in Earlsfield, South London, celebrating the people the author knew during the 10 years he lived there.

  Labels cover Labels
A short story about a man obsessed with cat-food labels